Four Fingers to Please my Pussy

Using my four fingers to please my pussy it gives me intense pleasure because it gets so big for my tight pussy. I cum so hard when I use my hand up to my knuckles. I'm just going to start with two fingers first, slowly and gently, and then I am going to push my hand all the way in and out of me until my orgasm. I am very tight, my pussy is dripping and I can feel it getting very hot. I'm feeling my body getting so hot, my skin feels tingling and my muscles feel tight. It feels so good that when I let go into my orgasm I start to let my body relax. I am so horny, the only thing that I want is to fuck my pussy with my hand so hard.

I know you are watching and loving seeing my tight pussy getting stretched. I'm so wet already, and this is what I have been waiting for all day. When I slide my four fingers in, I moan and squeal with pleasure. I want to come so hard, I know you are watching and enjoying yourself while you do. I have no control over myself anymore, and the only thing that I can do is let my pussy cum. It's so wet and tight that I just let it all go, and the orgasm just keeps getting stronger and stronger with every thrust of my four fingers.

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