Stroke Your Dick To My Curves

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Stroke Your Dick To My Curves

I'm laying on this comfy black couch by the fireplace. I'm so horny, I can't wait for you to come home. I'm wearing lovely white lace panties with long white socks and a transparent white top.

I hope that when you come home, you immediately take off your pants and stroke you beautiful cock watching me caressing my curves. I love the way you look at me when I wear these cute panties. I know I turn you on just but sliding my hands between my legs, spreading them wide, but not showing you my pussy yet.

Stroke your hard dick for me first, show me how much you'd want to slide it in my pussy. I'll wait until you're ready to cum to show you more. For now, I want to see how long you can jerk off just watching me play with my body.

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