Before I get Dressed for Dinner

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Before I get Dressed for Dinner

I know it's old fashion, but I like to dress properly for dinner. So as I was going to change, a spike of excitement took over my mind and my body as I removed my very short shorts, leaving me in my red and black polka dot undies and red cami. I sat on the bed, move my pantie aside and lingered my fingers between my legs. Until I saw my dildo on the table.

A second later, that gorgeous realistic dildo was in my wet, juicy pussy giving me delightful sensations as I pulled it out and slide it back inside at good pace. Altho I varied the speed, it was with enthusiasm that I thrust my dildo in and out, sometimes deeply, sometimes just a little bit. It's intensely erotic to feel the long shaft coming out and then back inside my pussy. I like to watch as it slides, this sight brings me closer to orgasm.

Not all orgasms are created equal. When I stopped with the dildo inside me, that's when it happened: my pussy contracted around the shaft and I had a silent orgasm. Nothing spectacular, but oh! so good in my body!

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