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Fun, New Toy to Cream my Pussy

This morning, before you left for work, we were all over each other. I couldn't get enough of your kisses, your skin, and your gorgeous blue eyes. Your hands were caressing every inch of my body, you grabbed my butt, passed your hand in my long, soft, red hair. Our bodies were on fire, but you had to go, leaving me hungry for your sexy body, and with the taste of sex in my mouth.

Luckily, I had received my new sex toy just a few days ago. As soon as I saw your car leave the driveway, I ran into the bedroom, took my new dildo out of my secret box and put it on the nightstand along with my bottle of lubricant. I laid down in the bed, naked, still febrile from our brief, but intense languorous morning encounter.

As I reach for my dildo, I know my body will respond instantly if I put it in my mouth. I enjoy sucking on the toy, pushing it deeper in my throat, but there's no time for more foreplay. I point my new sex toy at my pussy, pushing its head in. I need a little bit of lubricant just to slide it deeper. I know once the dildo is inside me, my own juices will be enough.

My new toy is fun! It easily slides in and out because of its narrow head. I indulge in the pleasure it brings to slide it in, and letting it out completely before pushing it back in. My pussy is so juicy, and creamy, and my eager enjoyment flows through my body.

I'm getting closer, and closer to come. Closing my legs on both my hands, and the dildo, I move my body in rhythm with my hands. There's some kind of energy jolt that travels from my head to my toes, and as I close my eyes, I picture you, giving me one intense, loving orgasm.

I can't begin to image how your ride to work went...

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