Intimate Play with my Pussy

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Intimate Play with my Pussy

I'm sitting on the chest table in the living room. I just got my blouse on, and buttoned only just a few of the tiny buttons. The rest of my body is naked, and my hands start to wander around my pussy.

I take a little bit of saliva from my mouth, and get down flickering my clitoris. The sensations are wonderful, and I can't help but moaning and tilting my head back. I focus on playing with my clitoris only, but I feel the contractions of my pussy as I come closer and closer to orgasm.

I use my four fingers back and forth to give myself a perfect orgasm. My soul is humming, and my clitoris so sensitive I can barely touch it without feeling a jolt of electricity in my body.

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