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Cream of Pussy

I have a treasure box full of pleasure toys. I bring it with me in the living room where I plan to give myself delightful sensations. The only problem is I don't know which toy to use. In a blue velvet sachet, I find beads, but that's not what I feel like using today. Then I open a black velvet sachet to find another anal toy. Altho I enjoy anal play very much, it's not what I want now. And then I see it. Right before my eyes lyes my favourite dildo. You know which one, the pink, double, silky dildo that I love so much.

I lay down on my back on my sofa, caressing my body, feeling the lace from my lovely black lingerie under my fingers. My hands wander, but they have to stop on my generous breasts, uncovering them, touching them, teasing my nipples with the tip on my finger. The brain is such a sexual organ, I'm already wet and aroused by anticipation of what I'm going to do to my pussy. There's no time to waste. I rub my dildo on my pussy without even taking the time to loosen the snaps from my corselette.

Altho I'm enjoying myself very much, I want to feel the dildo deep inside me. The snaps aren't that easy to open, but I manage to detach them. My body is eagerly waiting as I grab my lub and pour some on the dildo and on my pussy. It's cold, so I rub everything on my warm pussy. I feel tight, and have to push a little harder than usual to get my dildo slide inside me, but when it's in, there's no other sensation that could beat the delight of being filled like this.

While I play with the rhythm of pushing the dildo in, sliding it out, I uncover my breast and tease my nipple, pinching it, rubbing it, making circles around the hard tip. Somehow, my dildo slips out of me, but that's perfect because I use it to fondle my clitoris. I almost come under those divine caresses, but I want to feel my pussy pulsing around the dildo, and so I slide it back inside me, moaning deliciously. Time flashes and I'm already having an orgasm. I can feel my pussy throb (and you can see it too)!

As I slide my dildo out, some cream of pussy pours out. Yes, orgasms are creamy!

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