Red Lips Blowjob

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Red Lips Blowjob

Every time I take you deep, I get the sensation that your cock pulsates as you reach the back of my throat. Kissing along your length, breaking into gentle licks with the tip of a pointed tongue, broadening until I'm there, sucking on the tip of your cock as this loving blowjob reaches its full potential.

This is the kind of blowjob that I love on lazy days like today: slow, languid, with so much sensual buildup. When I lick along the side of your shaft, it's not my tongue, it's concentrated warmth and wetness urging your balls to empty themselves into my mouth.

Every time I suck on your cockhead before taking you deep, I'm using suction to coax your cum to find its way to my mouth. The tip of your cock rubbing against my lips is simply about showing you the way. It's right here. This is where I want you to experience your beautiful, passionate, intense orgasm.

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