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Powerful Orgasm

I'm smiling in anticipation while I'm lubricating my pink double dildo. I gasp with pleasure as it slides in between my soft folds and finds my pussy. My hips move down to push the dildo inside my wet pussy. I start moving my my ass up and down, the dildo sliding in and out following the rhythm.

My pleasure increases as I pinch my nipple, grabbing my breast in my hand, and still moving my ass up and down. I turn on the side for a brief moment to feel the dildo go in and out, reaching the depth of my pussy.

Holding the dildo, moving my hips up and down, the sensations are getting stronger and stronger with each movement. I take a short pause to make the pleasure last a little longer, but I can't resist much longer and I let my body guide me to climax. I lay my head back, pinch my nipple again and again. My body's ready to feel the powerful orgasm I've been longing for.

I open my mouth to catch my breath as I orgasm, letting go short moans perfectly synchronized with the movement of my hips. My eyes are closed, I'm shivering, moaning to the overwhelming pleasure.

I rest for a few seconds after this powerful orgasm then slowly slide my beautiful pink dildo, covered in all my juices, out of my pussy. I couldn't feel more joy in that perfect instant.

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