Chloe Morgane

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Two Fingers Orgasm

When I lay naked on my bed on my belly, and I respond to your email, I inevitably think that it's very naughty. You don't know this, but I'm about to touch myself, thinking of you.

My imagination guides my hand down to my pussy, and I start to play with my clitoris. Spreading my lips, I know it would make your cock hard to see my beautiful flower blooming. Plus the view of my ass, in this perfect position, is one that sparks your arousal.

I rub my clitoris, and feel the pleasuring sensation jolting in my body. I move my hips up and down, dancing with my heart beat pumping blood and filling my little bud making it even more sensitive to touch. My body is burning, and ecstasy is emerging from inside me.

My second hand is now busy thrusting with two fingers inside my pussy. The rhythm accelerated to multiply the already incredibly high charge in my body, and I finally let go into a beautiful and powerful orgasm. All this because of a simple email you sent me...

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