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A Taste of Pussy

I love my new La-Z-Boy. It's comfortable and I enjoy rocking back and forth. I can get in touch with my body while I feel relaxed like this. Which is what I did. From my hair, to my breasts and nipples, to my pussy, my hands wander all over my soft skin.

All this touching arouses me. I'm a preventive girl, I know myself, so I have already brought my favourite dildo of the moment with me in the living room along with some lubricant. I see my dildo from the corner of my eye, grab it and bring it to my mouth. I love sucking on a big dildo.

In the haste of the moment, I forget I still have my panties on. I place the dildo back where it was and remove my panties. I'm in no rush, but I want to feel its girth inside me, stretching my tight pussy, pressing against my g-spot. After rubbing a few drops of lubricant on my pussy, I push my dildo against my opening. It's big for me, so much that I have to bite my finger as there's a mix of pain and pleasure from trying to get it inside me.

Once my dildo is in me, my arousal increases ten folds. I feel my pussy tighten around it, pulsating from excitement. My legs and wide spread, giving me access to my clitoris. I eagerly rub it. I push my dildo in, pull it out, push it back in. I feel every millimetre of it inside my vagina, sliding in and out. It's electrifying and soon, the miracle of orgasm takes over my body. I let it flood my senses.

When the ecstasy leaves me, I feel the warm juices dripping from my pussy. I want to know what an orgasm tastes like. So I lick my own pussy juices. I have to say, orgasm tastes sweet!

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