Chloe Morgane

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Easily Distracted

I am looking for a sexy dress in my clothes. I like my sleeveless and strapless pink dress, but I want something more classic that would go with my red lipstick. Just like this fitted black dress ...

I put it on and decided it was a good idea to wear a thong under that mini dress. I hesitate between blue and red, but now I'm distracted by the presence of my pretty red and white vibrator.

I take it and immediately use it! It's so good to feel the vibration on my clit. I increase the speed once, twice. There are six speeds, like on my bike. My pleasure grows and becomes stronger, I penetrate my pussy with a finger, then I enter a second. Ecstasy is at my door, I let her grab me and take me to heaven, I orgasm.

04:56 Min. Video

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