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Better Than Chocolate

Chocolates? For me? Thank you! They're so good… But, you know, there's something that I'd like to give you too. While we're all cute in our red chemises - mine satin and yours a bit more simple, let's get into the Valentine's Day spirit with a loving blowjob. You're so sexy… I just want you in my mouth, teasing me with your cock while I slowly take you deep.

There's a real romance in blowjobs… They can be so playful, so sweet, so seductive and so intense. As always, I think this is a real mix. That's what our relationship is, too. It's just a perfect blend of all sorts of things that make me so happy to be with you. After years together, it's still so wonderful. We just fit. We're so lucky.

I love giving you pleasure. It's such a sensual experience to know how good I make you feel. Part of it is always an anticipation of that creamy, delicious reward. It sounds crazy, but your cum is just so sweet to me. When I hear you start to moan, it's music to my ears and a shot to my tastebuds as every drop lands on my tongue, save for one trickling down my chin. I want to taste you. It's something I really crave. But, I also crave another chocolate… Do you want one too?

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