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Fingering my Wet Pussy

Lying on my belly, I craved touching my pussy, fingering myself to orgasm. My mind, the most sensitive part of my body, sparked thrills of naughty desires up my spine. My entire body was on full alert and my brain screamed this is going to be so good, my body let go to the caresses of my agile fingers.

I opened to them, suppressing a moan as they swirled against my clitoris in ever tighter circles until they pushed inside me. My body melted against the bed, and my hands glided down, reaching my ass, spreading my cheeks as if I had an audience who needed to see.

My legs trembled. A sharp jolt of electric hunger shook my entire body into crying out my building pleasure. My hips undulated in concert with my fingers going in and out of my wet pussy. The vibrations my other hand made against my clitoris radiated to my breasts and the sensations coursing through my body were too much. When the orgasm hit me, I arched and pushed my fingers as deep as I could, feeling the pulse of ecstasy around them.

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