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What Shall I Wear Part 2

I'm really happy with my next choice. It s my pretty lilac ruffled nightie. I put it on, I put my breasts in their right place and tie the ribbon to cinch my waist.

I think I seduced you with my naughty smile because you rushed to caress my breasts and take a full hand of them. It makes me moan and you decide that you do not want caress me over my nightie anymore, you slip your hand underneath, but you end up undressing me.

I turn around, you caress my behind and to make me languish, you choose another piece of lingerie. This is my black transparent ultra slinky dress that I received as a gift a few years ago. I still wear it since it makes me feel really attractive!

Strings on the front makes me want to invite you. You gladly accepted and caress my pussy with your skilled fingers. You make me moan once again and you can not stop this bump from growing in your pants!

You let me change once again while licking the taste of my pussy from your fingers. I would choose another piece of lingerie ... but which one?

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