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Anal Play with 4 Fingers

I think this burgundy lace lingerie fits very well with my light skin and read hair. I like the generous cleavage the bra creates and can't help caressing it. I accidentally slide the strap of my bra down my shoulder as I start to take pleasure caressing my body and then playing with my ass hole. I can feel the pleasure building slowly. I start to moan softly, and I can feel my pussy starting to get wet. I move my hands up my ass and spread my cheeks apart, my fingers tracing my pussy lips and my ass. My eyes close as I feel my fingers moving up and down my ass.

I start to move one and then two fingers in and out, one finger going in and the other one following and stretching my butt hole. I feel a warm feeling in my ass hole and I can feel it getting a little less tighter. I move my fingers back and forth and I can feel my ass beginning to get tight again. So I pull out more lub to be able to slide a third finger in my tight ass hole. My fingers slide in and more easily, but my ass hole begins to tighten around them. I can feel my fingers getting more and more wet, my ass getting a little less tight around them as I push them further and further inside my ass hole.

My fingers move in and out and I can feel the pleasure spreading through my whole body. My hips jerk up and down as the pleasure builds in my ass. I moan as my butt hole gets so wet that I can slide a fourth finger to the party. My ass hole is now stretched enough that I think I can push to slide my whole hand in, but I'm unable to do that, for now...

My other hand is now running over my clit and it is so wet, so full of my juices. I move my hand up and down, creating waves of pleasure in my pussy and up to ass. I'm in heaven, my fingers are all busy building pleasure as I'm about to reach climax. I moan out with every inch of my body aching and throbbing, my orgasm is building, I can feel it. I close my eyes, imagining it's your big cock inside my tight ass hole. I think about you pushing your cock in, and pushing it deeper and it drive me crazy.

I'm about to come so hard and so loud. I can 't help myself, I want to come so badly. When I finally let myself go, my orgasm still building, I let out a long, deep moan. I love anal play with all my fingers stretching my ass hole, rubbing my clit, making me so wet and ready for you.

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