Chloe Morgane

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Cumshot & Creamipe Blowjob Compilation

A compilation of the best blowjob moments leading to the ecstasy of orgasms, creampie, and cum for my ultimate reward. I love having your cock deep in my mouth, and the feeling of your balls slapping against my face as you slam your cock deep into my throat. Sometimes I teased you nice and slow, bringing your orgasm forth with little flicks and licks.

Other times, I took you deep and felt your cum spill in the depths of my mouth. Then there were vigorous blowjobs punctuated with stroking and spurts of your creamy cum all over my face. We're just always so excited and focused on each other and the way we experience this kind of pleasure. My mouth is the perfect place for your warm and sticky cum to go in, and when I have it in my mouth I can tell you're in heaven.

15:57 Min. Video

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