Chloe Morgane

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Play my Ass with 4 Fingers

I start slowly to play with my little honey hole as it is tight. I spread my cheeks apart and rub my finger on my hole for you. It is so tight and I feel the warm and wet skin of my ass on my fingers. Sliding one finger feel nice, for now. It feels good and it is a nice tease to for you to watch me slowly play with my ass. My finger glides in and out, and it feel wonderful.

I decide to put two fingers in my tight ass. Now, there's more sensations, and I know I'm about to give myself a powerful orgasm through anal play. I play with my little honey hole and I know that I can probably slide another finger inside. This is the point when I start to moan and my body starts to tense up. It feels good and I know I can push another finger in. I just need a bit more lub and will be able to push my fingers in deep.

Now my body spasms as my asshole starts to contract around my fingers. I feel it stretch and I makes me so horny. I can feel my fingers getting deeper inside my ass and I know I'm going to come soon. I pull my fingers out and push them back in. I play with my wet pussy with my other hand and right now, all I want is to come for you.

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