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School Girl in Glasses Tease

I feel so naughty wearing my glasses and this school girl skirt. I'm just happy I can enjoy being a good girl for you. I'm going to play with myself, and stroke my big breasts to make you hard again. Wearing glasses as a naughty schoolgirl makes me feel sexy and horny. The schoolgirl skirt is hot and sexy, and my butt looks good in it... The skirt offers you a lovely view on my buttocks because it's so short.

You know I'm all about giving you pleasure, and I think that teasing is a good way to show you. I like to make you wait in anticipation though. I'm sure the whole view is amazing, especially if I move my panties out of the way just enough to show you my hot pink pussy when I spread my butt cheeks. I'm happy to spread my pussy out a little bit more, because I know you will be so hot for me after watching me tease you like that.

To keep you interested, I'm just going to put my hand on my thigh and spread out a little more. I hope to please you by getting you hard enough watching my little pussy and butt cheeks getting spread.

Seducing you while wearing my glasses makes me so horny. I'm showing a lot of cleavage and a pretty good view of my gorgeous breast. My nipples are hard because I'm getting all aroused. I love to tease you with my breasts but most of all I think it's more erotic to just make you wait until you have a perfect view of my whole body. My gorgeous red hair flows down my shoulders and my boobs look so good against my black lace bra.

Maybe after you have watched me you will be as hard as when you think about getting inside my pink pussy. If your cock gets so hard that you can't help but reach your hand and stroke it while watching, I'm gonna be so happy.

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