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Get My Pussy Ready And Cum Inside Me

It's early in the afternoon and we've got some time together before we need to get back to life. I'm wearing already undressed, wearing only lovely lingerie to make you want me even more. You want to play and please me and so you spread my legs and caress my pussy one my panties. I love that, but want more since I'm so horny for you. You push my panties aside and rub my clit. As you build my pleasure, your fingers slide inside my pussy. You're so good, you know exactly where my g-spot is and you make me go through ecstasy with every stroke. I come hard for you and that makes you want to slide your cock inside my wet pussy.

You remove my panties and get up to remove your boxers. While you lay down behind me, I smiled because you I've just had the best g-spot orgasm. What you want now it to make love to me and you immediately put your dick in my pussy, starting to thrust at different rythme.

You know I like a little spanking on my pussy, especially when it has your cock inside it. As you spank my pussy, I feel your cock getting even bigger. We are so horny for each other. You slide into me and thrust your cock deep in my pussy , rubbing my clit and making me want to come so hard. You pull on my leg so that I'm wide open for you to fuck me. I love being fucked, especially when you are so good, you know exactly what I want and when I want it. You slide inside me slowly and your body moves with the rhythm of my pleasure. My clit is twitching and your cock is getting harder. Your hips are moving in rhythm with mine , and I feel you getting closer and closer to come inside me.

While you try to come back to reality, I masturbate with your cock still inside me. It's all juicy and warm from your cum and that's enough to make myself come in a third deep and strong orgasm. Slowly, you come out. I caress my feverish pussy, slide a finger inside to get some cum and rub it on. Your cock is still hard and it's beautiful and shinny next to my pussy full of your cream.

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