Anal Sex with Creampie in my Ass

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Anal Sex with Creampie in my Ass

In the quiet sanctuary of our bedroom, a soft and inviting cocoon, I found myself perched on top of you. The soft glow of the bedside lamp painted warm patterns on the walls, setting the mood for what was about to unfold. I sat on you, dressed in my work clothes, my pussy drenching with the juices at the thought of you filling up my ass.

When you're under me, your strong hands brushing against my sweet bottom, you know just how to ease the cravings that are taking up residence in my pussy. Your cock is hard, but there's a gentle tenderness to it that melts my worries away. I let out a soft sigh as your cock find its way into my tight asshole.

Sometimes, when your dick digs a little deeper, it stings. But it's a sweet kind of pain, it's the pain of pleasure. With each thrust of your cock, I can feel my asshole slowly surrendering. The tightness starts to loosen up, replaced by a growing intense sensation of pleasure. I lean on you, my ass opening up for your cock to slide in and out, my eyes drifting closer, and my thoughts drift away.

You move with purpose, each thrust getting more and more intense, following the invisible roadmap to orgasm. Your desire flows through your movements, and I can feel you seeping into every fiber of my being. It's not just an ass fuck; it's an intimate connection, a silent promise that you will always be there to ease my cravings for your big hard cock in my ass.

As the minutes pass, the tension builds up and we're so very close to cum together. We feel a profound feeling of ecstasy and I am grateful for receiving your creamy cum inside me. In that moment, I realize that it's one of my favourite ways to have my ass fucked. And with each stroke, it's like you want to get even deeper inside my tight asshole.

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