Touch Me Until I Orgasm

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Touch Me Until I Orgasm

You love my butt. You're a butt-man. It's almost natural that when you saw me on the bed naked, laying on my belly, your hands were drawn to my butt. You caress my back, my tights, but you always come back to my round and soft butt cheeks. You like to spread them and peak at my tight asshole, and give them a little rosy colour by giving them a quick, light spank.

As you grab the bottle of lubricant, you push my leg aside so you can spread and massage the liquid on my pussy, my butt, and in-between my butt cheeks. Your hands are strong and firm. You caress my behind with such passion, the pleasure it gives my body climbs rapidly. You know fingering my pussy drives me crazy. Two of your fingers slide in, and I let the delightful sensations come out of my mouth in a delicate moan.

Without realizing it, my hand reach down to my clitoris. I stroke it, roll it under my fingers while you slide your fingers inside and out me. It's as if you knew exactly what I needed. We both pause for a few seconds, I change hands-- it feels better with the right hand and within a short lapse of time, sliding your fingers in and out, pushing them as deep as they can possibly go, you make me orgasm.

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