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Secretly Masturbating

On my knees, with my ass up in the air, this is one of my favourite positions to masturbate. I love knowing that if I get caught that way, the intruder will be delighted by the view I'm offering. My brain juggles with this idea as I push my dildo inside my tight and wet pussy. The delightful sensation sends jolts of pleasure that are sliding down my spine. I grab my right tit, pinch the nipple as if it would let the building sexual energy out of my body.

My other hand is busy sliding my beautiful pink double dildo in and out. The movement is flowing and soft, and my body starts to dance to this rhythm. I moan and smile out of the pleasure I'm getting from masturbating doggy style. My mind is imagining your hard cock filling me with each stock I give with my dildo. I grab my right tit again, I knead it firmly as it hangs and offers me a good grip. I let it bounce back to its original position, switch my dildo in that hand, and use my other free hand to caress my clitoris.

I'm close to ecstasy, still rubbing my clitoris, but with more firmness. My delicate fingers aren't sparing my clit. I feel it engorge, swollen with bliss. My hips follow the thrust of the dildo thrusting in and out of my throbbing pussy. My ass hole pulsate too, tightening at the thought of getting your hard dick slide inside its tightness. I'm getting high on orgasmic energy. With my eyes closed, I vividly imagine my pussy being taken by your hard cock, faster and harder until I reach orgasm.

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