Orgasm in the Afternoon Sun

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Orgasm in the Afternoon Sun

As I lay down my head on my pillow, removing my hair out of the way, my eyes start to glitter with hunger. My hands find their way to play with my breasts. Blood rushes in my veins, heat raises in my belly and between my legs. My hands go down to find my pussy and play with it, opening its lips, teasing the entrance.

I grab my dildo and unexpectedly make it bounce, which I find amusing, and that makes me laugh. It doesn't take long before I put it in my mouth and suck on it as if it was a real dick. This turns me on so much, I bring my dildo to my pussy. I open my lips and press the tip of the dildo on the entrance. I add a fair amount of saliva, more than I actually expect and then slide my dildo inside.

At first, while rubbing my clitoris, I make the dildo go in and out gently to about only half of its length. It feels so good, my head lays back on my pillow. I suddenly change the rhythm to make deep, long, and slow ins and outs, rocking my pelvis at the same pace. The shaft of the dildo rubs on my clitoris, and soon I can't take it anymore. I push the dildo inside my pussy as deep as I can, all the way to the suction cup. My body moves in rhythm with my hands that are pushing, rubbing and giving me all these wonderful sensations. I feel bliss is coming, my mouth opens into an O shape and I let moans of pleasure out as the orgasm reaches its peak. I close my eyes, push my head against my pillow and let myself be filled with the most incredible sensation of them all.

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