Anal Play and a Powerful Orgasm

I've been playing a little bit of guitar, but now felt like I needed I break. It felt sumptuous and sensual to wear this black kimono, especially that it was a gift from one of my fans. As I sit down on the big, blue chair, I push my black kimono aside and start to caress my butt cheeks and my asshole. I was drawn to it right away. I know I'll give myself a powerful orgasm from anal play. So I give in, using my pussy's wetness to slide a finger inside my ass. The pleasure of feeling my finger in my ass is grand. My other hand gets busy rubbing my clitoris.

The sensations are wonderful, but I feel I could take more in, and so I carefully slide another finger in my asshole. The stretch is so pleasurable, I smile and moan, and I rub my pussy faster. To push both my fingers deeper, I decide I need a little more lubricant. I lick my fingers on both sides, and slide them back in my asshole deeper this time. I go hard on myself, rubbing my pussy, thrusting my fingers in my asshole. It's so good, I experience one powerful orgasm from anal play.

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