Chloe Morgane

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Slow Blowjob and Cumshot Facial

I caress your jeans and feel your cock getting harder under the fabric. I unzip and pull your jeans down to reveal your cock. Seeing your dick makes me wet and happy. I begin sucking your cock and feel you throb against my warm and wet lips. I suck your thick cock, deep throating and licking your balls at the same time. You love this special trick of mine and it makes your cock rock hard.

I slide my tongue under your foreskin to lick your cockhead. I love to feel you hardening up as my tongue slips around your hard, thick cockhead. You hold my head, push your cock deep in my throat and I gag. You're just so big and hard for me. I then suck your balls, making you moan with pleasure. When I deep throat you, you get hard rock for me.

Your stroke yourself while I play with my pussy. I can feel how hot my pussy is getting, watching you watching me. I want your cum in my mouth, so I open up wide. You burst in my mouth and on my face. Ummm! You're good to the last drop!

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