Pussy Juices From G-Spot Stimulation

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Pussy Juices From G-Spot Stimulation

I love wearing colourful lingerie and this turquoise bra and panties fit perfectly to contrast with my red hair. I hide my favourite g-spot glass dildo under the pillow and as I fetch it, I'm surprised by a the shiver of excitement in my body. I know I don't squirt like a fountain, but the idea of stimulating my g-spot until my pussy releases its delicious juices makes me all fuzzy inside.

As the head of the toy is moving vigorously against my g-spot, pressing and massaging, I feel an almost unbearable level of sensation build up. Long sob of pleasure rises in my throat. This climax moves through my entire body, blossoming, and reducing me to a state of pure abandon. The little gush of juices dripping gives me a sense of victory and hope that someday I will squirt like a fountain for you!

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