Chloe Morgane

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On Top Riding Your Hard Cock Until We Cum

I know it drives you crazy to please me when we're having sex. It's such a sexy position to be on top of you because I'm in the driver's seat, and that's exactly where you want me to be. My hands are on your chest, fingers diving in your skin, and my hips are rocking your fat cock. I love how you moan and arch as I rub my wet, warm pussy around your cock. It's just the best way to make me cum.

I have control and set the pace according to what I love. Your hands are free to wander all around my curves, grab my breasts and play with my asshole. My curves are in full view, and you can get a good show while I ride your beautiful hard cock until I orgasm. I love watching your face as I fuck your dick, and when you cum inside my warm pussy, I can tell just how much you're ecstatic.

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