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Insatiable Pussy

My dildo is long and thick, pink and perfect for my tight pussy. Just the right size for me and it is there, inviting me to suck on it, feeling it deep down in my throat. Kneeling on the floor, I lick its tip, leaving a bit of saliva in anticipation for what has to come. I feel beautiful in my turquoise corset, a gift I received a long time ago. I still wear it from time to time to remind myself of the love sent through that gift.

I get up and positioned myself to play with the dildo on my pussy, but I feel this irresistible desire to push it inside me.I slowly sit on it, letting it glide inside my wet pussy, feeling its girth stretch me slightly. A thousand sensations overwhelm me, taking my breath away.

I start teasing myself with slow, long strokes. In and out. Each one making me gasp with pleasure until I decide to sit completely on the dildo and bury most of it deep inside. I shudder and moaned. I am alone, I can moan as loud as I want and let myself go every time the dildo gets in and out of my pussy.

I take my breasts out of my lovely turquoise corset and sit down on my dildo as far as I can, teasing my bud. That's when all hell breaks loose. I go from wet to absolutely soaking. With one hand on the base of my dildo, sometimes cupping my breast, sometimes rolling my clitoris, there are so many sensations, so much feels so good, I completely lose myself to everything.

I am flying high, never wanting to stop feeling like this. My body moves A wonderful warmth blooms inside me. I start to pulse to a powerful orgasm. I savour the dildo inside me, moaning in pleasure, letting myself drift into oblivion.

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