Chloe Morgane

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Your Cock Would Feel so Good in my Tight Pussy

I'm wearing beautiful black and dark orange lace lingerie. It squeezes my boobs into a generous cleavage. I caress my body and my butt, play with the bra strap, enough to tease you into thinking I'm going to show you my whole breast and nipples. Not yet. I want you to want me more.

I grab my butt cheek and pull it so it stretches my pussy. You get a glimpse of my tight little pussy and butt hole. I know you want to slide your hard cock in it now.

I pull my panties to the side and offer you my whole butt and pussy now, opening up for you to see the beauty of my tightness. I spread my legs and give myself a timid spanking. You're the one who should be slapping that ass, a I deserve a good punishment for being so naughty to you.

I know what you want next, and I'm giving it to you. My gorgeous breast is bouncing as I hold it by the nipple. I want you so much now, and I know how hard you are in those pants. Your cock would feel so good in my tight little pussy.

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