Chloe Morgane

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My Tits and Wet Pussy For You

I'm lying there, all cute for you, and if you want to know how I feel about you just look at my wet pussy. And then when you see how hot I feel when I'm horny for you , you may think that I want to have you inside me. And my wet pussy is begging for it. So I'm teasing and playing with my tits, bouncing them up and down, as I look straight into your eyes. I'm letting my tits out of my blue bra , exposing my nipples and getting excited for you. I think that my nipples would feel so much better if you sucked on them. They're so soft and delicate, I like to tease them and make them hard.

My body aches for your cock. I imagine everything I would make it mine. It's just like a dream, I think of you, of how good you would feel to me. I want to feel your hot body on my skin, you are on top of me, feeling your weight and your strength. Your skin, your body, your cock... Oh, you're just perfect to me. Caressing my tits and my tight, my soft pussy begging for your beautiful big hard cock. This is what I imagine when I'm right there, waiting for you.

My hands reach down my panties. There's a little spot of juices right there that's proof I'm horny for you. I pull them out of the way to show you how much my pussy wants you. Now, I'm showing you the best part. With my legs up, you can see clearly my little tight asshole and my pussy. I spread my legs wider, opening up my flower with my hands. You want this. Imagine sliding your hard dick in one of my holes. I'm so horny for you right now, I want to feel you inside me. So I spread my pussy open so you can see it so clearly, your thick cock is just about to burst out with desires.

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