Riding Your Cock Cowgirl Style

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Riding Your Cock Cowgirl Style

I have the reins, so it's no surprise that the cowgirl sex position is the sure-fire way for me to have an orgasm during sex. But let's see what you have to offer! You can do anything you want, and if you feel like it, you can go a little deeper by spreading my ass. I love how your hands find my breasts, cup them, squeeze them and play with my nipples. I can tell you're getting very aroused because your cock feels bigger in my pussy. You have such a wonderful cock.

Even if your movements are somewhat limited, you're still getting very much turned on by me riding your hard cock. I think you have to be docile because cowgirl sex is all about how I move my body on top of your cock. I control the speed, the depth, the angle, the motion and every other aspect that will take us both to an amazing climax. But you still have control over me and while I'm getting close, you wrap your hands around my neck and slightly choke me. I don't understand why it turns me on so much!

Girl on top sex is the perfect position for clitoral stimulation – the more I lean forward, the better the friction. Finding ways to rub myself, having your thumb stimulate my clit are easy ways to make girl-on-top sex even hotter. It feels so good to have you gently thrusting inside me and rubbing my clitoris with your thumb. I really want to come with you and feel your cream fill my pussy. I want you to make me come so hard and let your thick load drip all between my legs.

When I lean back, it allows even deeper penetration and aligns your cock to hit my g-spot with every thrust. It's a favourite of mine, you know. There is so much sensation to take in from your cock and you can really push me deeper sitting on your cock and riding it. Straddling on top of you, facing toward their beautiful face, feeling your cock inside me can really be the perfect combination for unforgettable sex and orgasm!

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